WWII Blitzkrieg Variant – Eastern Front


This is the initial offering of a proposed series of variants to be used with Avalon Hill’s Blitzkrieg.  The variants will provide new counters, specifically geared to represent the various armies and fronts of the World War II era.  Each variant will also include a set of rules modifications that augment these new unit counters.  These counters and rules are to be used in tandem with the existing Blitzkrieg mapboard and rules sets of all additions.  Players may be required to adapt the basic Blitzkrieg rules to fit these variant rules. With these counters and rules, the player may develop scenarios that fit their vision of how the opposing armies on various fronts would have carried out combat operations.  The player may use these rules in their entirety or adapt them to fit their particular needs.


Generally, the counters developed and the rules set that works in tandem with these variant counters is the final result of an analysis of the various armies involved in the era and a synthesis of the best of various wargame systems. Players may see some resemblance to the classic WWII division-level SPI games such as Kursk, The Destruction of Army Group Center, etc.  However, some important changes have taken place.  First, attack/defense factors have been adjusted based on years of analysis.  Secondly, most counters have a reduced strength on their flip sides which increases their relative endurance over the course of the game.  Thirdly, the effect of terrain on movement and entering and leaving zones of control (ZOCs) has been changed to convey my vision of the relative fluidity of WWII mechanized operations. Finally air operations in support of ground operations have been added to provide this important combat multiplier to ground combat.  The overall intent is to provide relatively simple rules so that the rules set does not interfere with a player’s development and execution of WWII-era air/ground operations.

These scenario counters are derivations of actual German and Soviet units as seen on the Eastern Front during WWII. German and Soviet orders of battle are derived from the actual participants in the 1942-43 operations in Southern Russia. German units are adapted from actual Army Group South (and its various offspring such as AGs A and B).  Soviet units are taken from the composition of various fronts and armies operating in opposition to Army Group South.  Accordingly, historical unit designations are used throughout the orders of battle.

A complete copy of WWII Era Blitzkrieg Variants – Eastern Front includes:

  • A set of common variant and Eastern Front-specific scenario rules
  • A set of variant counters for the German and Russian scenario forces




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