Enter into the Fog of War…

Fog of War Publications, LLC is a print and play publishing company specializing in card-driven game (CDG) simulations. Its primary mission is to provide a quality product within a relatively short period of time that reflects the designer’s/founder’s vision. Graphics will be above average but utilitarian, with the product priced accordingly. As such it is largely (but not exclusively) focused on the CDG designs of its founder (and sole proprietor), John B. Firer (JBF). JBF has had a number of CDG designs published through other publishers to include Spartacus (Compass Games), Successors – 3rd Edition (GMT) and 1866 (Compass Games). Age of Bismarck: The Unifications of Italy and Germany 1859 – 1871 is the flagship FOW design. A number of other CDG designs are in the final process of completion and will be previewed and eventually offered for sale through this website.

Fog of War Publications, LLC is a print and play game company and as such, the purchaser is responsible for printing out and assembling all components.  Purchase of said product implies consent to do so on the part of the purchaser.  In addition, the purchaser agrees not to resell or otherwise market the product without the written permission of Fog of War Publications, LLC.   The purchaser is free to make copies and print the product for personal use.  In addition, Fog of War Publications, LLC will periodically engage in the resale of selected pre-owned games.

As the title implies, FOW Pubs is primarily concerned with the design and marketing of CDG designs as by their nature, they possess the real-world elements of the fog of war. CDGs in general do not allow a total knowledge of your opponent’s assets, since the cards that drive the simulation are unknown to said opponent.  Instead, a player must concentrate on pursuing his strategy with imperfect knowledge/intelligence of an opponent’s resources (read “cards”). This lends a more realistic edge to military simulations and avoids the “God’s-eye View” aspects of most commercial military simulations.

FOW Pubs is ACTS, VASSAL and CYBERBOARD-friendly and will gladly offer any design for import into those PBEM vehicles by an individual interested in performing this service.  Please contact us initially to obtain our support and permission if you are interested in designing a supporting PBEM module.

We thank you for viewing our site and for your interest in our products and philosophy.

Thank you for your support,

John B. Firer