Ordering from Fog of War Publications, LLC

Fog of War Publications, LLC is a print and play game company and as such, the purchaser is responsible for printing out and assembling all components. Purchase of said product implies consent to do so on the part of the purchaser. In addition, the purchaser agrees not to resell or otherwise market the product without the written permission of Fog of War Publications, LLC. The purchaser is free to make copies and print the product for personal use.  In addition, Fog of War Publications, LLC will periodically engage in the resale of selected pre-owned games.

There are two ways to order a print and play game from Fog of War Publications:

  1. The most common method is to order directly from our website at https://fogofwargames.com. You must use PayPal in order to process the order. Upon proper verification of your account by PayPal, you will be sent an acknowledgement that includes permission to download the game files. You will then be allowed one download of each of the files associated with the individual item. You will have 30 days to download each file – after that period, your permission will lapse and you must place a new order to obtain additional access to the download.
  2. If you prefer not to use the website ordering method, you may order directly through our PayPal account at fowpubs@gmail.com. The product will be sent via email as an attached file(s), either in one shipment (email) or multiple shipments (multiple emails) if it is easier and faster to dispatch the product in that manner. The product will consist of a number of PDF documents. All effort will be made to ship them item promptly.


If the order is a sale of a pre-owned game, all orders must use PayPal and upon receipt of the appropriate notification of payment by PayPal, we will send the purchase to you. The PayPal account for Fog of War Publications is: fowpubs@gmail.com. The item will be shipped via USPS using Priority Mail. This type of service includes $50 insurance and a tracking number. Shipping and handling will be added to the purchase price. If the purchaser requires any additional insurance or tracking, that will be added to the base S&H price. Fog of War Publications, LLC will notify the purchaser by email of date of shipment and will provide a tracking number for the shipment. If this is a foreign order, contact Fog of War, LLC prior to any order as the price and method may differ.

All correspondence related to ordering from Fog of War Publications, LLC should be sent to that email address. All orders are final. However if there is a problem in transmission of files, FOW Pubs will make every effort to insure that the purchaser receives all the files associated with the game or variant. Any failure to receive a pre-owned game should be addressed to USPS for resolution but please advise us of the situation. Any questions related to purchasing products from Fog of War Publications, LLC should be sent to fowpubs@gmail.com Do not send any emails in regards to your order to the owner’s personal email as this may cause delay in response.


John B. Firer

Sole Proprietor

Fog of War Publications, LLC