2016 in Retrospect and 2017 Prospectus

This past January marked the one-year anniversary of the founding of Fog of War Publications, LLC. At this point, I think it is fitting to discuss the last year and to provide you with a forecast of what we can hope for in the coming year out of the FOW experience.  With any start-up venture, the first few years are ones of trial and error where hopefully the end result of experiences gained is continual improvement both for the consumer and the company.  Hopefully this report will be of use to both parties.




The main objectives of this first year were to establish the company legally, get the administration in place to direct the company efforts in an effective manner and to demonstrate the ability of the company to actually provide the consumer with a product. These objectives were all accomplished in this initial year.


In regards to actual products produced and designed/developed, Fog of War published two products – both variants on the old TAHGC product “Blitzkrieg”. Two sets of variant counters and rules were available for purchase: “Blitzkrieg WWII Variant – Eastern Front” and “Blitzkrieg WWII Variant – France 1940”.  In addition, a free download was available in the CSW folder providing the consumer with a sample scenario for the Eastern Front variant.


Design work progressed on my two previously designed CDGs, “Age of Bismarck – The Unifications of Italy and Germany” and “Ides of March – The End of the Roman Republic 44BC – 30BC”, with the intention of publishing the former in 2016 and the latter in 2017. I decided to delay the publication of AOB for a largely sentimental reason – 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the commencement of design work on that long-awaited CDG.  In addition, “1866” was completing its final prep for release by Compass Games in late 2016 and that effort took up a large amount of my bandwidth. (In fact, its post-publication is still requiring my design support as I am answering questions from the largely appreciative audience.)  That has put the publication of Ides off until later in 2017 due to the delay in AOB’s premier – I had originally shot for releasing Ides on the ides of March, 2017, a fitting date!  I am confident that I am on a glide path to get these two veterans to final publication.  In addition, design work continued on two simulations I initially plan to offer to Compass Games: “A Pragmatic War – The War of the Austrian Succession” and “1859 – High Tide of the Second Empire”.  The former is based upon Don Herndon’s excellent “No Peace Without Spain” and the latter on my “1866 – the Struggle for Supremacy in Germany”.




As mentioned above, I am targeting the release of AOB for early March of this year. I expect to offer AOB at a very deep discount for a limited time in appreciation for the loyal support I have received from AOB fans over the years.  In late Fall, I am pondering the release of Ides although I may delay its release until March 2018, once again for sentimental reasons.  In addition to these titles I will be working on the designs of a number of other CDGs, some old and some new.  These include:

– Gaul is Divided

– Panzers of Spring

– 1864 – The Danish/German War

– The Boyne Water – The Conquest of Jacobite Ireland

– A Pragmatic War

– 1859

– More WWII Blitzkrieg variants


This month, I finalized an initiative to establish a website for Fog of War Publications, which will eventually move me away from marketing my designs exclusively through CSW and gmail. The website will be your standard game website, which will allow order processing as well as information on current and future products.  I hope to get this work completed early this year, hopefully in time for the debut of AOB.


Well I believe that covers what I wanted to get out to you, my current and potential customers. FOW will continue as a one-man operation, which has its plusses and minuses. I wish to thank you for your open and tacit support over this first year of existence and the normal teething problems affiliated with any new venture.




John B. Firer (JBF)

Fog of War Publications

Specializing in CDG Designs